Falaise Indoor Bowls Club

Welcome to our website!

A caterer has now been found and will be starting on Monday 1st October.

I am getting queries regarding the key fobs: they have not been allocated as yet because they cannot be programmed until the new door is fitted and working.
I have been assured that the new door will be fitted by the end of next week.
Therefore I will be programming the fobs over next weekend all going well and I will distribute them to each member as I see them.
I do apologise for the delay but as we all know the wheels of bureaucracy turn very slowly.

As regards to the online rink booking system that rather a lot of you have been enquiring about: this has had to be temporarily removed due to a compatability problem within the new update that has been recently done on the website, our webmaster is working on this and hopefully the problem will be resolved as soon as he can solve the problems.